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Rēhita koha kaimahi

Staff gift register

In accordance with our corporate policies to guide behaviour at work, gifts may only be accepted where there is a justifiable business purpose. Staff are required to declare all gifts.

What the staff gift register lists

The staff gift register is a summary of gifts accepted and declared by our staff. The information is collated and published on a four monthly basis – April, August, and December each year.

The register names only senior managers. All other employees are referred to by position title only.

Some gifts are provided to groups rather than individuals. Where appropriate, these gifts have been consolidated and a total value shown, along with the number of staff included.

Where a gift is offered to Auckland Council, rather than a specific staff member, this has been indicated.

Low value gifts (gifts under $50)

Low value gifts include light refreshments and business courtesy items, for example branded pens and water bottles. Declaration of these items is not generally required under Our Charter.

This gift register does not cover or list:

  • Travel, Attendance or Accommodation costs, to or from events or meetings, paid for, or paid on behalf of, Central Government.
  • Awards presented at recognized annual trade, industry, design, or professional services functions and award ceremonies.

Gifts to employees of council-controlled organisations

This register is for Auckland Council and does not include council controlled organisations such as Watercare and Auckland Transport. These organisations maintain their own registers.

Auckland Council gift register

​Date registered​Recipient​Title​Gift description​Offered by​Value estimate
01/05/2023Environmental Specialist​Wine bottle and hamper.Kisters$405.00
​31/03/2023​Head of Project Specialisation Office​2023 Property Council NZ Rider Levett Bucknall Industry Awards.​Tetra Tech Coffey​$100.00
​31/03/2023​Head of Arts, Culture and Heritage ​Theatre production & networking event.​Auckland Theatre Company$​150.00
​30/03/2023​Manager Financial Data and Modelling​Mid project milestone event.​Blue Tree​$75.00
​28/03/2023​Change Manager​Mid project milestone event.​Blue Tree$​75.00
​27/03/2023​Manager, Natural Environment Strategy​Travel to stakeholder event.​Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge​$933.00
​24/03/2023​Senior Healthy Waters Specialist​Attendance at "Chapter Zero NZ" zero carbon forum.​Mott MacDonald$​99.00
​21/03/2023​Craig Hobbs​Director Regulatory Services​Bottle of wine.​Minter Ellison Rudd Watts​$54.00
​16/03/2023Environmental Specialist​Registration, NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop 2023.​New Zealand Hydrological Society​$1,050.00
​15/03/2023​SAP Delivery Functional Lead​Mid project milestone event.​Blue Tree​$70.00
​13/03/2023​Senior Environmental Specialist​Travel costs - NZHS Technical Workshop in Napier.​New Zealand Hydrological Society​$500.00
​10/03/2023​Principal Solicitor​Mayne Wetherell and Council Treasury networking event.​Mayne Wetherell​$80.00
​03/03/2023​Facility Coordinator (Studio One)​4 x tickets Cross St Music Festival.​Anya Vitali Creative Ltd​$352.00
​25/02/2023​Matthew Blaikie​​Chief Sustainability Officer​Travel & accommodation to C40 event workshop, London, UK.​C40 Cities$5,200.00
​18/02/2023 ​​Senior Librarian Research​Gift voucher for event organisation.​North Shore Historical Society​$50.00
​14/02/2023​Manager, Group Sustainable Finance​Travel and accommodation to C40 event workshop, London, UK.​C40 Cities​$5,600.00
​12/02/2023​Head of Māori Outcomes Delivery​Pass to Te Matatini.​Auckland Council​$200.00
​09/02/2023​Senior Solicitor​Networking lunch.​DLA Piper​$50.00
​08/02/2023​Lead Liaison​Networking event and concert.​Eden Park Board​$325.00
​20/01/2023​Landscape Architect​Bottle of wine.​Playground People​$50.00
​19/01/2023​Team Leader Design Review​LGNZ workshop - travel and accommodation costs.​Local Government NZ (LGNZ)​$550.00
​17/01/2023​Earthworks and Streamworks Monitoring​Branded items.​Carol Fan​$50.00
​11/01/2023​Senior Aquatics Facilities Specialist​Wine bottle & hamper.​Walker Development Limited​$50.00

Previously registered gifts