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Council services and closures Water restrictions are in effect across the Auckland region, learn more.
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Why work with us

He Aha e mahi tahi ai me mātou

Our projects and service delivery offer diverse, valuable opportunities for suppliers.

Work with one of New Zealand's largest organisations

Guided by our 30-year vision of the Auckland Plan, we deliver projects and provide services that can give suppliers the opportunity to:

  • contribute to Auckland’s social, environmental and economic development
  • develop a long-term collaborative partnership with us
  • work with and develop relationships with other suppliers
  • collaborate with community members and elected representatives
  • work on high-profile or one-of-a-kind projects.

Opportunities vary in scope, ranging from large-scale projects that benefit the entire Auckland region, to initiatives that focus on individual communities.

Our fair and transparent procurement practices, sound financial position and obligation to deliver core services render us a low-risk client.