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Search the archives

How to search the archives

The archives database contains descriptions of around 420,000 records that have been transferred from former local authorities within the Auckland region to Auckland Council Archives.

The earliest records date from 1852.

Search the archives database online.

Once you have identified the records you wish to view from the database, visit us to view the records.

Provide us with the archives reference of the items you wish to view.

If you cannot find the information you need, contact us with your request and we will identify records that may help with your enquiry.

Search and view our online maps

1908 City of Auckland map

The 1908 map is a significant and unique record of Auckland city's history and early infrastructure.

The map portrays an exciting period in the city's development and documents the progress of a growing city.

How to access images

Plans of Rangitoto Island recreation reserve 1937

The plans are survey maps of Rangitoto Island showing the position of buildings, tracks and roads.

The survey maps were drawn for the Rangitoto Island Domain Board by John Webster, a registered surveyor, in 1937.

Information from the 1937 and 1955 Rangitoto Island index of buildings and occupiers has been plotted against each numbered bach on the plans.

See Plans of Rangitoto Island recreation reserve 1937.

Search and view historic district schemes and plans

Although no longer current records, historic district schemes and plans are still used to determine the rules and permitted activities that were in place when a property or other asset was built or developed.

To assist in accessing these records, we have compiled a list of the historic district schemes and plans of the Auckland Region. The majority of these records are currently available in hard copy only and the list indicates the archives series in which they can be found.

We will be gradually digitising the historic schemes and making them available via this list.

Search the Historic district schemes and plans of the Auckland region.

Search for a Reserve Management Plan

The eight legacy (former) councils that now comprise Auckland Council all prepared reserve management plans for reserves in their jurisdiction. This database includes all known legacy council reserve management plans for parks and reserves that are now owned or administered by Auckland Council.

Search the Legacy council reserve management plans.

Search OurAuckland magazine archive

OurAuckland is a magazine produced by Auckland Council.

It contains council news, details of improvements happening in local areas, as well as event information. The first edition was published in March 2011.

This search tool allows you to search and view previous editions of OurAuckland magazine from the archives database.

Search the OurAuckland magazine archive.

Search our index resources

Our volunteers have converted the textual content of selected hard copy records, in part or in full, to a searchable format or 'index'.

These indexes provide a wide range of information about past residents of Auckland and the history of our region.

You can do a single search across all of our index- and World War I-related databases by using a person's name.

Each database is also searchable by a variety of terms such as name, location and date.

Burgess rolls


Cemetery and burial records

Property and rate books


Valuation rolls and lists

War memorials

War records

See our family history archives for more records that may be of use in your research.