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Ngā tono mō ētahi kōrero - whakaaetanga mō te hanga whare

Requests for further information - building consents

What is a request for further information (RFI)?

When we process your building consent application, we may send a request for further information (RFI) to the applicant, agent or owner. We request further information if you have not provided the detail we need to continue processing your consent application.

What happens when you get a RFI

An RFI slows down the consenting process and can delay your building schedule. We 'stop the processing clock' until all the requested information has been provided.

You can avoid an RFI by ensuring your application is comprehensive, accurate and all compliance issues have been addressed.

How long you have to respond to an RFI

You have 20 working days (one month) from the date we first request the information to respond.

If we don't receive the information after 20 working days, we send two reminders over a 3-month period. If we still don't receive the information, the building consent application can be refused for non-compliance with the Building Code.

The most common reasons for an RFI

Common reasons for RFIs can be narrowed down to four major categories:

  • quality of drawings
  • incomplete forms
  • compliance with the Building Code is not clearly demonstrated
  • not all relevant approvals are included.

For more detailed information about each of these, see our list of common requests for further information

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