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2. Prepare a consent application to repair or replace a spa pool

Provide a complete consent application

To avoid delays in processing your consent application to repair or replace a spa pool, you should:

  • make sure your application is complete (including all plans and technical documents)
  • engage a professional (architect or consultant) to prepare your application.

Building consent applications

  • The project description must be accurate and describe all work involved in the project.
  • Provide evidence of ownership or rights over the property. If you are not the owner, provide authorisation to apply for a consent.
  • All drawings and plans need to have:
    • drawing number and title
    • designer's name
    • address of property
    • date.
  • Drawings need to have an appropriate scale and clarity. Freehand sketches are not accepted. If supported by a producer statement, the plans must also be signed by the design specialist.
  • Construction specifications must be provided in all cases. Where relevant, product certification and manufacturers' specifications must be provided.
  • If you apply for an amendment to an existing building consent, the description of building work must accurately summarise changes. Any changes to the plans need to be clearly shown.
  • If the design includes a waiver or modification of the building code, reference the section of the building code in question and why this modification is requested.
  • Use the lodgement checklist to ensure you provided all the relevant information. Incomplete applications will lead to delays.

Resource consent application

  • All plans are drawn at 1:100 or 1:200 scale and show a north point, boundary dimensions and bearings, adjoining legal descriptions, street numbers and metric scale bars, datum point, site contours including spot levels on the relevant boundaries.
  • Provide an assessment of what you want to do against the matters set out in part 2 of the RMA and any relevant provisions of the documents referred to in section 104(1)(b) of the RMA.
  • Complete an assessment of environmental effects (AEE).
  • Provide descriptions of:
    • the activity
    • the site at which the activity will occur
    • any other activities that are part of the proposal to which the application relates
    • any other resource consents required for the proposal to which the application relates.
  • Provide the full name and address of each owner or occupier of the site.
  • Identify who might be interested in or affected by the activity and how they might be affected.