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Before you apply for a building consent to relocate a building

I mua i tō tono whakaaetanga mō te neke whare

Information on what documentation you will need before you apply for a consent to relocate a newly built or an existing building, only applies to new buildings that were built in New Zealand.

What you need before you apply for a building consent to relocate an existing building

Before applying for a building consent you will need to engage a third party to:

  • inspect the building which you want to relocate
  • provide a written report confirming whether the building is suitable for relocation.

What a third party report should include

third party report must include information about:

  • the structural integrity of the building
  • the condition of the building
  • how the building will be relocated
  • any remedial works that will be needed after relocation
  • presence of asbestos (including a plan of how to safely remove it, if required)
  • any other requirements, such as fumigation
  • photographs of each elevation of the building
  • floor plan of the building showing existing wall layout.

Other information you should provide

  • A floor plan showing the layout and elevations, and site plan of the original site (including the location of other buildings, trees, etc.)
  • Foundation layout and subfloor framing plan for the new location of the building
  • Subfloor bracing calculations
  • A schedule outlining all works being undertaken as part of the relocation
  • Details of any new work being carried out (plumbing, drainage, means of access into the buildings, etc.)
  • Any new work that will be added into or onto the building.

You may also need:

What you need before you apply for a building consent to relocate a new building

You will need:

If your new relocatable building will be built in the Auckland Council area and moved to your Auckland property, you only need to apply for one building consent.

In your application form, state the address where the building will be relocated.

You also need to tell us:

  • who will build the building
  • the address where it will be built.

You may also need:

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