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Ngā aratohu mō ngā tono whakaaetanga pūkaha

Guidelines for engineering approval applications

Professional advice for engineering approval

The engineering approval process applies to infrastructure works that are either:

  • already publicly owned
  • will be managed by us for the life of the asset.

To ensure the design and construction of the assets is fit for purpose, key phases of the process need to be undertaken by qualified and experienced professionals. This ensures Auckland ratepayers are not burdened with unreasonably high future maintenance and renewal costs.

To design and supervise the work, you will need a NZ Chartered Professional Engineer or registered professional surveyor with experience in land development and infrastructure.

For more specific advice, see the Code of Practice for Land Development and Subdivision.

For projects involving water and wastewater, it is important to review Watercare's Compliance Statement Policies:

What you need to apply for an engineering approval

You need to provide the following items before we can issue an Engineering Approval for Public Drainage, Watermain and Road Works:

  • Completed application form signed by chartered professional engineer /licensed cadastral surveyor, applicant and agent (if applicable).
  • One hard copy of plans including an A3 set, named, dated and uniquely numbered. Include digital PDF files.
  • Relevant engineering standard details.
  • Catchment plans (where appropriate, e.g. drainage, watermains).
  • Any relevant correspondence between the council, Watercare Services Limited and Auckland Transport and the applicant or their agent, regarding this work.
  • Sketch of proposed works on our service plans.
  • Site photographs (for design context).
  • Supporting calculations.
  • Permission from affected public and private land owners for work on their land.
  • Details of tree protection, arborist report or tree approval.
  • Details of other services.
  • Other approvals granted.
  • Deposit.

If you provide all the above documentation, we can approve the Engineering Approval for Public Drainage, Watermain and Road Works within 20 working days.

Document naming standards for online engineering approval applications 

Use the recommended naming standards when you make an online engineering approval application.

This will help us process your application faster.

Engineering common accessway applications 

Document type Recommended naming standard
​Application plans ​Engineering plan and long section
​Record of Title ​COT
​Specialist report (optional) ​Engineering report for retrospective driveways
​Calculations and specifications ​Gradients
​Producer statement ​PS
​Technical literature ​NA
​Plans ​Engineering plans
​Certificate of Design Work ​Signed application form
​Land owner / affected party approval (optional) ​LOA
​Additional documents (optional)

​Prior arrangement (pre-application meeting minutes), approved resource consent (gradients and non-complying widths and building consent for retaining and drainage).

Engineering plan approval application

Document type Recommended naming standard
Application plans Engineering plan and long section
Record of Title COT
Specialist report (optional) Infrastructure report (asset specific report), CCTV for existing pipe (if applicable)
Calculations and specifications Catchment analysis, capacity calculation
Producer statement PS
Technical literature Asset Owner Code of Practice (SWCOP, Watercare Code of Practice and ATCOP, Parks COP)
Plans Engineering plans
Certificate of Design Work Signed application form.
Land owner / affected party approval (optional) LOA
Additional documents (optional) Prior arrangement (pre-application meeting minutes)

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