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Ngā utu mō te whakaaetanga rawa taiao me ngā moni kuhu (me te Pānui Whakamōhio me te Panoni Tūmataiti Mahere)

Resource consent fees and deposits (plus notices of requirement and private plan change requests)

We recover costs for processing applications based on the specified hourly rate of the planners and specialists involved. These costs are for resource consents, notices of requirement and private plan change requests.

​Fees and charges for resource consents

  • All fees include GST.
  • All fixed fees are non-refundable.
  • All fees listed are indicative pricing only and are subject to change.

See also building consent fees and charges.

There is a document handling charge for any plans and documents that our staff have to scan into our digital resource consent system. This charge is per application and only applies where that application is payable online.

Read fee table.
Document handling charge – scanning of plans or documents into digital consent system (per application)$90

Our tip

Submit all the required information with your application to avoid further processing costs. If you have any questions about what you need to provide, contact us on 09 301 0101.

Deposit amounts you will need to pay

You must include the relevant lodgement deposit with your resource consent, notices of requirement and private plan change request, to cover application processing costs.

If the actual cost is less than the deposit amount, we will refund the difference.

If the actual cost exceeds the deposit amount, which happens in most cases, we will invoice you for the additional costs.

Deposit calculator

If you are applying for a building or resource consent, use the building and resource consent deposit calculator to find out how much your deposit will be.

Schedule of fees and charges

Pre-application appraisal deposit

The initial pre-application appraisal will involve one or two planning and development engineering staff. Other specialists will be included as required.

Any additional costs (including charges by external specialists) will be invoiced where actual costs exceed the deposit paid.  

Read fee table.
Resource consent pre-application appraisal$505

Hourly rates

Read fee table.
Description Fee
Technical Level 1: Planning, Subdivision, Urban design, Compliance, Monitoring, Investigation, Environmental health, Licensing, Building – Residential 1, other$171
Technical Level 2: Building – Residential 2, 3 and all Commercial, Planning, Engineering, Monitoring, other – Senior, Intermediate, Principal, Team leader$198
Technical Level 3: All areas – Manager, Project lead, Legal services$207
Administration (all areas)$111


  • The particular technical hourly rate level is determined by staff competency levels.
  • Position titles vary across Auckland Council.
  • Where the cost of the external resource involved does not exceed the Auckland Council staff rate, external resource(s) will be charged at the senior/intermediate rate.
  • Where the cost of the external resource involved exceed the Auckland Council rates, it will be charged at cost.
  • External resources may be engaged to address either expertise or capacity that is not available internally.
  • For guidance on the building consent definitions for residential and commercial, see Building performance website.


Land use resource consents

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Residential (infringing development controls)$4000
Exemptions and approvals under the Auckland Council Signage Bylaw fixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges)$1490
Waiver of outline plan, or minor land use$500
Tree works (excludes pruning or to undertake works within the protected root zone of notable (scheduled) trees, which does not incur a deposit or charge) fixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges)$600

​Subdivision resource consents

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
All (with the exception of those below)$4000
Cross-lease, unit title, boundary adjustment$2000
Right of way and other non-resource consent matters relating to subdivisions e.g. cancellation of easements$1100

​Regional resource consents

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Coastal structures, activities and occupation$7000
Contaminated sites, landfills, discharge contaminants to air (main discharge odour)$7000
Discharge of stormwater, domestic wastewater or other contaminants$7000
Earthworks and sediment$7000
Transfer of coastal, water or discharge permit to another site$7000
Water take, use and diversion$7000
Works in, on, under or over the bed of a lake, river, stream$7000

​Private plan change requests

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Complex projects $30000
Simple projects$10000

​Notices of requirement

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Minor alteration to an existing designation$5000
Notice of requirement - Pre-application appraisal$500
Notice of requirement – simple new notice or alteration$10000
Uplift an existing designation$1000
Notice of requirement - complex new notice or alteration to designation$30000

​Other resource consent lodgment fees

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Certificate for completion; certificate of compliance; existing use; outline plan; extension of time$1500
Variation or cancellation under RMA s127 or s221, review of conditions$3000
Consent transfer or consent surrender fixed fee (non-refundable)$229
Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity$500
Permitted Activity review - review of a proposal or query to determine if it is a permitted activity (hourly rate based on complexity of the assessment required)$250
s357 Objection hearing deposit$1500
Drill or alter a bore$600
Multiple / bundle applications for any combination of two or more: land use, subdivision or regional consent$9500

​Notified resource consent fees

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Fully notified$20000
Hearing deposit (where complex, a higher deposit will be required)$3000
Limited notified$10000
Tree works (excludes pruning or to undertake works within the protected root zone of notable (scheduled) trees, which does not incur a deposit or charge) fixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges)$1000


Read fee table.
All other monitoring activity: base fee applied on application approval (Compliance monitoring – a non-refundable base fee. Additional work above the base fee will be charged per hour)$171
Permitted activities including, but not limited to, dairy farms, forestry and those covered by freshwater regulations are charged on an hourly basis$171

​Engineering approval fees

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Approval of engineering works (major) and consent to drainage works - construction of private drains through adjoining premises of works on private land$2500
Approval of engineering works (minor) and common access way$1200

​Consents report fees (fixed charge)

Read fee table.
Description Fee
Single request (monthly or weekly report)$150
Weekly (annual subscription)$1595
Monthly (annual subscription)$765

Get a copy of the fees

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