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Entering the public stormwater network

Te whakaurunga atu ki te kōtuinga wai āwha

​If you are building or doing any maintenance work, you may need access into the stormwater network.

Our tip

You are also responsible for getting any necessary permission from the landowner.

​Non-physical works

If the job requires access to the stormwater network for a non-physical work activity, fill in and submit the following form.

Types of non-physical works

  • CCTV.
  • Jetting and other cleaning.
  • Visual inspection requiring physical entry into the network.
  • Any other physical access to the network not involving physical works.

Physical works

For any activity involving physical works to the stormwater network such as pipe connections or maintenance, you need an engineering approval.

For more information, see Engineering applications.

Road corridor access

If the job involves any work in the road corridor, make a Corridor Access Request through Auckland Transport.

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