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Subdividing in a single house zone

Te wawaetanga takiwā tūnga whare kotahi

Single house zone

The purpose of the single house zone is to maintain and enhance the amenity values of established residential neighbourhoods.

(Amenity values are the qualities of an area that make people enjoy living there or visiting it.)

Amenity values might be created by things like historical character, special trees, coastal setting or "neighbourhood character".

Single house zone subdivision guidelines

  • If you want to create a new lot, under the Auckland Unitary Plan, each site in this zone needs to be a minimum of 600 square metres.
  • Only one house is anticipated on each site.
  • Minor dwellings (which are secondary to a main dwelling on the site, such as a sleepout or cabin) are provided for. If you want to separate the minor dwelling from the main house so it sits on its own site, you will need to meet the required 600 square metres site area, for both the main dwelling and minor dwelling.

  • Check site-specific constraints related to zoning.
  • Check site-specific constraints (e.g. natural hazards).

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