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2. Property reports and zoning

Your lawyer needs a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) to see if all of the buildings are council-approved and legal. The LIM lists development restrictions and any hazards, like flooding.

​Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

You need to pay when you apply for the LIM.

Read fee table.
LIM ServiceFeeCancellation fee

​No refunds

Read fee table.

Our tip

Check the date on any real estate agent's LIM report.
Your lawyer will need a current LIM. A LIM older than three months could be missing some information.

Property file

A property file has documents not included in a LIM report:

  • building, resource consents and licenses
  • any correspondence with us about the property.

A property file does not replace a LIM report.

The contents of the property file depend on the work that has been done on the property that we have approved and consented.

If building work does not have a consent, it won't be in the file. Our contact details are included in the property file, in case you have any questions.

In some areas, you need to book an appointment to view the file in advance, or order a copy of the file.

You need to pay when you order the file.

Read fee table.
Property file serviceFeeCancellation fee

​No refunds


Our tip

Compare the latest floor plan in the property file to make sure all the building work is legal (has a code of compliance).
Properties built before 1992 did not need a code of compliance. 
Get a private pre-purchase building inspection if you are concerned about the condition of a house you want to buy.

​Geotechnical reports

If you are building on bare land, you may need a geotechnical report.

This report lists site conditions, design and construction recommendations.

There may already be a geotechnical report on the property file. If you are buying a property file to see a geotechnical report, note this on the request form.

If there is no geotechnical report on the file, you can arrange one through a geotechnical engineer.

Other property information

  • Get a contaminated land report if you're planning serious excavation or an underground car park.
  • Get a custom resource consent report regarding information about resource consents in an area.

Our tip

To arrange a geotech report, search for a geotechnical engineer in the yellow pages.


The current zones and rules for properties are set out in district plans. The Auckland Unitary Plan sets out the plans for future zones.

You can:

  • find out what zoning rules apply to your property
  • call us on 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to a planner about how zone rules affect your property.

Our planners can help you understand what you can or can't do on your property, and what you may need a consent for.