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Te mōtika aukati o te nehunga

Exclusive right of burial

​What is an exclusive right of burial?

An exclusive right of burial is issued upon purchase of a plot.

Burial rights holders must give permission for any burial into that plot for a period of 60 years.

Pre-purchasing a plot gives the burial rights holder the 'exclusive right to inter' or bury in that plot.

There is no transfer of title or land ownership.

Once you or your loved one are buried in the plot, the plot cannot be sold to anyone else.

Expiry of an exclusive right of burial

The exclusive right of burial is valid for a period of 60 years.

After that time if no burial has taken place and the burial right holder chooses not to re-purchase the plot rights, the exclusive right of burial will revert back to Auckland Council with no entitlement for refund of the purchase price.

Exclusive right of burial certificate

At the time of purchase the burial rights holder will be issued with an exclusive right of burial certificate.

This document is important and will be needed before any burial or before a monument or headstone can be erected on the site.

Transfer of burial rights

The person who owns the exclusive right of burial for a plot may, with our consent, transfer that right to another person, entity or charitable organisation.

That right may also be sold back to us at the original purchase price, if an individual or entity no longer intends to use their plot.