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Te tiakitanga o ngā pitonga nehunga

Maintenance of burial plots

Cemetery's maintenance responsibilities

Cemetery staff and contractors maintain the grounds and gardens at all council-owned cemeteries.

As part of our grave aftercare maintenance programme, our team of sextons monitor areas to identify sites that may need filling with topsoil due to sinkage. This is a normal process, especially after wet weather.

If you notice that your loved one's grave needs maintenance care, report this to the cemetery office where they are buried - see Find a cemetery location.

This service is included in the burial fee and there are no additional charges for maintenance.

Plot owners' maintenance responsibilities

Burial plot owners are responsible for maintaining and caring for their headstones and reporting any vandalism to the cemetery office.

All headstones and monuments remain the property and responsibility of the burial rights holder.

After the first two weeks following a funeral, all flowers and adornments must be confined to the berm to allow our staff to weed and mow around the plots.