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Hoko wāhi nehu

Purchase burial plot

Where and when you can purchase a burial plot

Burial plots are unavailable for pre-purchase at Waikumete Cemetery, Swanson Cemetery, Manukau Memorial Gardens, and North Shore Memorial Park, but are available for immediate use. Burial plots are still available for pre-purchase at all other cemeteries.

Ash plots are still available for pre-purchase at all cemeteries.

Find out about our cemetery fees and charges.

Our tip

There are no ongoing fees and you are protected against future price increases.

Payment options for purchase of burial plots

We accept payments by:

  • Eftpos
  • MasterCard and Visa.

Payment options can be discussed with your funeral company or paid direct to the cemetery at the time of purchase.

If the service is not being charged to a funeral company, you need to pay in full the day before a burial may take place.

Monuments and headstones

Each cemetery is divided into areas allowing for a range of monuments and headstones.

To ensure you are able to place your preferred memorial, it is important to discuss the rules that relate to monuments with cemetery staff.

For example, some lawn areas only allow plaques.

Arrangements for inheriting burial plots

It is important to make arrangements for who will inherit the burial rights for a plot.

This person will be responsible for giving permission for future burials and memorials.

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