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Memorial headstones and plaques

You can personalise a memorial headstone or plaque to honour the dead in cemeteries - but it must comply with guidelines around size and installation.

What you need to install a memorial

Memorial headstones and plaques can only be installed within Auckland cemeteries by approved monumental installers.

View a list of approved monument installers.

These approved installers understand the various memorial designs and dimensions specified by each cemetery. You'll also get help from the cemetery team when you purchase a plot.

These installers will also apply for a monumental permit on your behalf (which includes an application fee) and arrange the installation.

If you meet all the installation guidelines, we will approve the permit and you can proceed.

​Documentation you need to supply to the cemetery

 Before you install a headstone or plaque, you must show proof to the cemetery that you are the burial rights holder, or legally entitled.

You can provide a plot purchase receipt, or complete a form to purchase or transfer the exclusive right of burial.

If the person who has died is the burial rights holder, then a family member can complete a burial rights holder statutory declaration form, which needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, or a solicitor.

If the burial rights holder is absent (for example, overseas), you will need to submit an authority to act on behalf form.

Get a copy of the forms

​Memorial unveilings

To hold an unveiling of your memorial, contact the cemetery office to arrange a time.

Staff will need a date, time, plot location, contact details and the number of people attending.

There is no charge for booking an unveiling ceremony.

Memorial maintenance

Once the monument has been installed, the burial rights holder or their assignee will be responsible for keeping the plot and monument in good repair.


You need to put all flowers and adornments in approved receptacles. You also need to keep them on the concrete beam, without spreading onto neighbouring plots.

We will remove any adornments that prevent cemetery maintenance or do not comply with cemetery guidelines.

Monument conservation in Symonds Street Cemetery

The Symonds Street Cemetery is a significant heritage site, so anyone wishing to do conservation work on any of the monuments needs our permission.

We have prepared a guide to repairing and conserving the monuments, which includes the forms to apply for permission.

Get a copy of the guide

​Let us know if your details change

We need to keep accurate cemetery records. If you are the burial rights holder for the plot (or their assignee) and your details change, contact the cemetery office for an update.

View a list of cemetery locations.