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Monuments and headstones

What you need to install a monument or a headstone

You need a permit to install a monument or a headstone.

A permit is important because it guarantees the chosen monument meets installation criteria.

Your pre-qualified monumental mason will apply for the permit (which includes an application fee), and arrange installation.

Check if your mason has a health and safety pre-qualification to work on our sites and install your chosen monument.


Our tip

Check if your mason has a health and safety pre-qualification to work on our sites and install your chosen monument.

​Monumental masons

Monumental masons guide customers through their monument selection.

They help with decisions around monument style (ranging from plaques and columbarium walls right up to full headstones and monuments), material, lettering, photos and layout.

Documentation you need to apply for a permit

Before a permit application can be submitted, the cemetery will need proof from the burial rights holder by providing either:

​Or a plot purchase receipt. 

If neither of these documents are available the you may complete a burial right holder statutory declaration form, which needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, or solicitor.

​If the burial rights holder is absent i.e. overseas, an authority to act on behalf form needs to be submitted.

Monumental design and dimension requirements

Each cemetery has specific monumental design and dimension requirements.

The monumental mason will be aware of the specific cemetery requirements.

Cemetery staff will also provide guidance about the types of monuments allowed, when you purchase a plot.

Who can install monuments and headstones?

Monuments can only be installed within Auckland Cemeteries by approved monumental installers.

View a list of approved monument installers.

Monument unveilings

To hold an unveiling of your monument, contact the cemetery office to arrange a time.

Staff will need a date, time, plot location, contact details and approximately how many people will attend.

There is no charge for booking an unveiling ceremony.

Monument maintenance

Once the monument has been installed, the burial rights holder or their assignee will be responsible for keeping the plot and monument in good repair.


Confine all flowers and adornments to approved receptacles, and keep them on the concrete beam. They cannot encroach onto neighbouring plots.

We will remove any adornments that prevent cemetery maintenance or do not comply with cemetery guidelines.

Let us know if your details change

Cemetery records need to be kept current, so it is important that the burial rights holder for the plot or their assignee update the cemetery office if their details change.

View a list of cemetery locations.