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Tātai utu rēhitatanga kurī

Dog registration fee calculator

Answer the questions to calculate how much you have to pay to register your dog.

​Fees for new registrations after 1 August are pro-rated. The amount is based on the number of months remaining in the current registration year to 30 June.

All fees include GST.

Use this calculator to find out your fee.

Are you registering a dog for the first time? required
Has the dog been de-sexed (neutered/spayed)? required
Does the dog owner have a responsible dog owner licence? required
Does the dog owner hold a SuperGold/Community Services Combo Card, both a SuperGold Card and Community Services Card or a VeteranGold Card? required
Is the dog a special category dog (guide dog, hearing dog, police dog, customs dog, conservation dog, MAF dog)? required
Is the dog a working dog? required
Is the dog classified as a dangerous dog? required
Calculate registration fee Reset
​See Dog registration fee discounts to learn how you can lower your registration fee.

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Apply for a Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL) for a Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL)If you meet all criteria, you can get a RDOL. If you qualify, the discount will apply for the next registration period.aspxDogs
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