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Tīkina he kōpae, he herenga kakō anō rānei mō tō kurī

Get a replacement disc or strap for your dog

Your dog must wear a registration tag at all times. If you lose the tag, you can ask for a replacement.


You should know

We are sending out renewal notices for the 2023/2024 registration year.
If your dog is currently registered for the 2022/2023 year (green tag), you do not need to order a replacement tag at this stage.

Before you start

If you have moved house or would like to change your mailing address, you will need to update your mailing address before requesting a new disc or strap.

You need to do this to ensure your dog tag is sent to the right address.

We aim to have your replacement tag with you in 10 working days.

When you should use this form

Use this form if you have lost your dog tag and need a new one.

You need to be the dog owner to complete this form.

To order a replacement disc or strap your dog must have a current Auckland Council registration.

Cost of replacement disc or strap

Read fee table.
Type of feeFee
Replacement registration tag $11

Request a replacement disc or strap


 In person

​You can also get a replacement disc or strap from one of our libraries with council services or in any of our animal shelters.

Our tip

If using a strap, soak it in warm water to make it easier to bend and loop around your dog's collar.

​Contact us

If you have a question about dog registration, you can contact us.

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