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Te mārama ki ā tātou mahere mātuatua

Understanding our key plans

Considering being a candidate in the upcoming 2022 local elections? We've pulled together a selection of our key plans, policies and projects to help you gain an understanding of what we have planned over the next three years. For voters, these links can help you hold your elected officials to account.

​Our key plans and strategies

The Auckland Plan

The Auckland Plan is a 30-year plan to guide Auckland's future and deliver on specific topics, including housing, transport, employment, protecting the environment, Māori wellbeing, opportunities for all Aucklanders.

Supporting plans

The following plans and strategies support the Auckland Plan and its vision.

Auckland Unitary Plan

Auckland Unitary Plan guides the use of Auckland’s natural and physical resources, including land development.

Budgets and reporting

We're responsible for lots of budgets including the Annual Budget, The 10 Year Budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) and the Auckland Plan.

Annual report

The annual report provides an overview of what we did over the past year to contribute to Auckland Plan outcomes.

The annual budget (annual plan)

Every year, we must adopt an annual budget for the following financial year. It has to also identify variations from any budgets that have been allocated in the 10-year budget (long-term plan).

The 10-year budget (long-term plan)

The 10-year budget puts the Auckland Plan in motion and sets out our projects and budget for the next decade.

Local board plans

Local boards make decisions on local issues, activities and services, and provide input into regional strategies, policies, plans and decisions.

Local board plans are three-year plans which draw from the priorities of their community.

Local board agreements record the delivery and funding of local activities and intended levels of service for that area, for the year.

This policy sets out our allocation of decision-making responsibilities of non-regulatory activities among the Governing Body and local boards. 

Topic and place-based plans and strategies

These specific topic-based plans and place-based plans and strategies are designed to achieve the outcomes of the Auckland Plan.

They respond to the Auckland Plan's strategic directions guiding Auckland’s future and include plans and strategies that are required by law.

Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan

Our long-term approach to climate action Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan sets out the priority action areas to deliver our goals to reduce emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

City Centre Masterplan

The City Centre Masterplan is the key guiding document for the Auckland Council whānau, setting the strategic direction for the city centre over the next 20 years.

You may also find the following links to major projects and plans useful:

Māori outcomes

We outline our commitment to Māori through our key strategic planning documents:

We also have initiatives such as :

Tāmaki Makaurau Mana Whenua Forum is a governance-level independent forum which operates under its own terms of reference.

Independent Maori Statutory Board is an independent body corporate of nine members based in Auckland. The board has specific responsibilities and powers under the Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Act 2010 to promote issues of significance to Māori to the Auckland Council.

Council-controlled organisations (CCOs)

CCOs perform a vital role in helping the council achieve its strategic goals, delivering a range of services to residents and visitors on behalf of the council.

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