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Tautoko i te whakapainga ake o te taiao takutai moana i tō takiwā

Help to improve the marine environment in your area

How you can help

There are actions we can all take to improve and protect our marine environment for future generations.

Dispose of rubbish safely

  • Place litter securely in a rubbish bin so it can’t be blown out by the wind.
  • Dispose of batteries, chemicals, and waste carefully.  See Hazardous waste.
  • Make proper use of our transfer and refuse stations.
  • Take any household hazardous waste (paint, paint thinners, garden sprays) to various transfer stations around Auckland.

Dispose of oil and fuel safely

  • Find an oil recycling collection bin near you.
  • If you own a boat, observe the bylaws and take care with oil, fuel and grey water.

Take care of water and stormwater drains

  • Wash your car on the grass, not on the road.
  • Never hose paint or oil spills down a stormwater drain.
  • Never pour anything down a water drain. They are for rain only.

Join local community groups

There are many local community groups that work on improving the health of Auckland's marine environment and coastlines.

Visit their websites to find out what they do and how you can join.

Environment care organisations

Find out about the environmental care and actions of bigger organisations.

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