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Who maintains stormwater pipes and drains

Ko wai ngā kaitiaki i ngā paipa me ngā waikeri tuku wai āwha

​Private stormwater assets

Property owners are responsible for maintaining private stormwater assets on their property.

Note that public stormwater assets can appear on private land.

What are stormwater assets?

Some private stormwater assets on private property are:

  • catchpits
  • drains
  • spouting
  • grates
  • pipes
  • rain tanks
  • roof gutters
  • rain gardens
  • permeable paving
  • living (green) roof
  • ponds
  • wetlands
  • detention tanks
  • streams
  • overland flow paths
  • soakage pits and bores.

For information on stormwater assets, see:

Where is the boundary between public and private stormwater pipes?

The boundary is where private stormwater pipes connect to the public network. It can also be where the connection crosses into your neighbour’s property or a reserve.

Need help?

Contact us  if you:

To find a registered plumber or drainlayer, visit the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board website.

To view the public stormwater network, see the GeoMaps viewer.

Public stormwater assets

Auckland Council owns, maintains and keeps all records of public assets.

These include:

  • catchpits
  • culverts
  • grates
  • manholes
  • pipes
  • ponds
  • wetlands
  • rain gardens
  • swales
  • detention tanks and basins
  • filters and screens
  • streams
  • overland flow paths
  • bunds
  • soakage pits and bores. 

View the public stormwater network on the Geomaps viewer.

To report a problem on a stormwater public asset, contact us.

For information on your rights and responsibilities when we do any maintenance of public stormwater assets, see:

Wastewater pipes

Watercare maintains pipes that supply water and manage wastewater from your property.

This includes water that goes through household drains. For more information, see the Watercare website.


See Who maintains watercourses.

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