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Te whakaoranga o ngā roma tāone, tuawhenua hoki

Urban and rural stream rehabilitation

Funding for this programme comes from the water quality targeted rate.

​Programme objectives

This programme aims to improve the health of streams and reduce contamination heading to our harbours.

It also involves work to reduce erosion, advance stream ecology and improve environmental infrastructure.

This will be carried out through community restoration initiatives, working with private land owners and restoring streams on public land. 

Other aims include:

  • improving the ecological health of streams
  • enabling urban development in areas such as Omaru Creek, East Tamaki
  • stabilising areas of high stream bank erosion
  • reducing the amount of sediment in our harbours
  • protecting property and infrastructure.

Current infrastructure and project work

Whau Wildlink funding

This funding will support 13 different community organisations and individuals in the Whau Ecology Network to deliver stream rehabilitation and community engagement projects. This project will include community support and empowerment, riverbank planting, pest control and weed control.

Wairoa Catchment Rural Waterways Protection

This project aims to improve the health of rural streams. Fencing is introduced to reduce the impact of erosion from livestock, and new water supply will be provided for farms to help improve water quality.

This project aims to improve the health of the stream for wildlife through activities such as increased riverbank planting.

National Green Infrastructure Certification Programme (NGICP)

This is a training programme to ensure our green infrastructure is up to international standards. Green infrastructure reduces the impact of urban development on the environment.

Maintaining and improving green infrastructure helps improve water quality. 

Stream corridors are valuable components of a healthy city. The NGICP will provide training to operation and maintenance contractors to improve how we manage our streams and increase their ecological value.

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