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Te pūrongorongo whakamahinga wai i ngā pito whenua taiwhenua

Reporting water use on rural properties

​New regulations in the Government's Essential Freshwater Package mean rural consent holders may have to measure and report their water use data more frequently.

If you take more than five litres of water per second (l/s), you must:

  • measure and record how much water you take in each 15-minute period.
  • report this data back to us daily.

Under our current regional rules, many resource consent holders already submit water use data to us.

When the new rules take effect

The dates the new rules come into effect vary based on how much water you take:

  • 3  September 2022 -  If your rate of take is 20 l/s or greater.
  • 3  September 2024 - If your rate of take is 10 l/s or greater, but less than 20 l/s.
  • 3  September 2026 - If your rate of take is 5 l/s or greater, but less than 10 l/s.

Changing how you report water use data

The Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes Amendment Regulations 2020 introduced new rules on how water users need to report their usage to regional councils.

If you use a service provider, you can request they report your water use data to us daily on or before the relevant date (shown above). 

Your service provider can submit your water use data on your behalf, but as the consent holder it is your responsibility to ensure this happens. 

We use the Water Use Data Management System for collecting water use data.

More information

Email if you have any questions.

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