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Me pēhea te patu kīrehe orotā

How to control pest animals

What to consider for pest control

  • Method of pest control.
  • Year round control or seasonal protection (i.e. during bird breeding).
  • Time and effort you will need to invest.
  • How to monitor pests.
  • How to dispose of pests.
  • Effect on other pests or animals.
  • Working with your neighbours.

Pest animals on your property

You are responsible for controlling pests on your property. Check the Yellow Pages website for pest control services in your area.

If you cannot identify the pest, we or the Ministry for Primary Industries can investigate the cause of the problem. We can give advice but generally don't remove pests on private land.

Our tip

If you are using traps or bait stations, keep them on your property to prevent risk to park users and animals. Do not place them on public land.

​What attracts pests

In urban areas, prevent:

  • accumulated rubbish
  • overgrown sections
  • exposed kai or compost.

Pest animals coming from other properties

If pest plants or pest animals are coming from your neighbour's property, speak to your neighbour to resolve the issue.

If you believe pests are coming to your property from public land, you can contact us or report the problem online.

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