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Prevent pests from spreading

Aukatia te horapa a te kīrehe orotā

Check and clean your gear

Thoroughly check and clean your vehicle, gear and any other items you transport:

Thorough checking and cleaning minimises the spread of:

  • weeds on land and in water
  • pests like argentine ants
  • soil-borne diseases like kauri dieback disease.

Do not release pests

Do not release any pest animals or unwanted pets into the wild. This includes mice, red-eared slider turtles, goldfish or rainbow lorikeets.

Check the Regional Pest Management Strategy to see the pest plants and pest animals we manage.

Marine pests

Marine species spread by hull fouling and getting into ballast water.

  • Clean your hull out of the water before you leave, including the propeller and anchor.
  • Clean all recreational gear including fishing and diving gear.
  • Check the marine biosecurity rules in other regions before leaving.

If you are travelling to other regions, see the Boaties' Guide to Marine Pests website for specific pest control in those areas.

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