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Ā mātou ratonga kanorau-koiora

Our biodiversity services

​Get environmental advice

We can provide:

  • advice on protecting and enhancing native plant and animal species
  • advice and plans for restoring ecosystems
  • advice on funding and protection mechanisms
  • ecological advice and support to private landowners (rural and urban) and community groups.

Request a site visit

One of our experts can visit your site and advise on protecting, restoring or enhancing biodiversity on your property.

To request a visit, email the Biodiversity team or phone 09 301 0101.

How we protect biodiversity

Managing resources

We are working to protect our natural environment by managing resources in a sustainable and integrated way.

This work is governed by the requirements of the Resource Management Act, the Unitary Plan and Significant Ecological Areas.

Caring for geological sites on the council land

This includes:

  • regional and local parks
  • building and maintaining stormwater and transport assets.

Implementing indigenous biodiversity on the council land

Implementing our Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy. This strategy aims to:

  • conserve Auckland's indigenous ecosystems and sequences
  • achieve long-term recovery of threatened species
  • protect the goods and services provided by our natural environment
  • grow public understanding of biodiversity
  • sustain and protect the natural and physical resources that provide for the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of Māori.

Supporting community initiatives

Find more about community groups and activities on Tiaki Tāmaki Makaurau.

Grants and funding

Find out how we provide environmental grants and funding.

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