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Te whakakorengaKīrearea ki Tāmaki Makaurau hei te tau 2050

Pest Free Auckland 2050

Keeping Auckland’s natural environment thriving is vital to the health and wellbeing of the region’s people, culture and economy.

What is Pest Free Auckland 2050?

Pest Free Auckland is a community-led conservation programme that we facilitate.

It has three goals:

  • eradicate - remove pest animals, plants and pathogens
  • restore - restore and connect ecosystems and introduce native species
  • tell stories - showcase community action and celebrate success.

Pest Free Auckland is partly funded by the Natural Environment Targeted Rate, which was introduced in July 2018 to help eliminate threats to our native species.

​Pest Free Auckland 2050 actions

The programme will help direct conservation action to:

  • islands
  • peninsulas
  • open sanctuaries
  • green corridors (both rural and urban) that will connect nature across Auckland.

We will do this through partnerships and relationships with:

  • community groups
  • mana whenua
  • landowners and households
  • schools
  • Department of Conservation
  • business and philanthropic sectors.

To help Auckland become pest free, we will:

  • provide technical advice, best practice guides, and access to funding support to help build the capacity of community groups, iwi, and landowners to carry out conservation action
  • work with the Department of Conservation to align our programmes with community action
  • carry out our obligations as described in the Regional Pest Management Plan and the Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy.
  • identify biodiversity focus areas to ensure each of the native ecosystem types in the region remains in a functioning state
  • maintain pest control and restoration programmes in parks, and expand sanctuaries to match park boundaries
  • continue to focus on high priority ecosystems (such as the Waitākere and Hunua Ranges regional parks)
  • support landowners and communities to restore and connect areas.

For more information, contact the Biosecurity team at

Identify and control pests yourself

Join a Pest Free Auckland 2050 community group 

To find a pest control community group you can join, see the Nature Space website.

For volunteering opportunities on local or regional parks, see Volunteer in our parks.

Follow community projects that you can get involved in on the Auckland Biodiversity Facebook page.

Pest Free Auckland 2050 newsletter

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