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Natural Environment Targeted Rate

Since July 2018 a Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR) has been included in residential property rates across Auckland.

​Projects funded by the NETR help protect our natural environment and tackle the pests, weeds and diseases that threaten our native species.

The nine areas the NETR is being used for include:

  • plant pathogens - helping to reduce the impact of kauri dieback, myrtle rust and more
  • protecting our parks - control of pests such as possums and pigs in our regional parks
  • expanding community action - additional funding for 29 conservation projects
  • island biosecurity - predator and pest control programmes on islands such as Waiheke and Kawau
  • region wide biosecurity - control programmes for pests such as feral rabbits, goats, deer and possums
  • marine biosecurity - improved surveillance for marine pests, such as the Mediterranean fan worm, and working with Government and other regional councils to safeguard the marine environment
  • marine biodiversity - monitoring and research programmes to better understand our indigenous marine life - such as our population of seabirds
  • fresh water biosecurity - freshwater advocacy programmes, and site-led pest control in areas such as lakes Tomarata and Ototoa
  • enabling tools - monitoring and evaluation framework for Auckland's indigenous ecosystems.