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Te tono ki tētahi Wārati Kīrearea Kore

Apply for a Pest Free Warrant

​The Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030 requires all commercial transport operators to obtain and maintain a Pest Free Warrant (PFW) by 2024.

This is to help reduce the risk of pest spread to the Hauraki Gulf Islands. The PFW assesses:

  • how well you apply biosecurity measures
  • how you communicate biosecurity requirements to your customers.

There is no fee for Pest Free Warrant accreditation. Free training and support are available to help businesses achieve their warrants.

Benefits of a Pest Free Warrant

Having a warrant will:

  • help you meet the standards set out in the Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030
  • reduce the risk of pest invasion on the Hauraki Gulf Islands
  • meet the condition for most Department of Conservation (DOC) concessions and wharf permits for the Hauraki Gulf Islands
  • allow you to use the Pest Free Warrant logo to demonstrate your clean green commitment
  • add your business to our biosecurity-friendly list.

Pest Free Warrant logo.

How to get a warrant

Meet the conditions

Find out if you are eligible and check if your operation meets the Pest Free Warrant conditions: 

Apply online

You can apply for a new warrant, renew an existing warrant or update your details using our online form.

Apply for a Pest Free Warrant

Training and support

Biosecurity staff members from Auckland Council and DOC are available to help your business achieve the best results regarding biosecurity.

We offer initial and ongoing support in setting up your Pest Free Warrant. With our pest detection dog-handler teams, we can offer inspections of customers and your vessels to ensure no pests are being transported.

Other permits you may need

You may also need one of the following permits to undertake commercial activities on DOC managed public conservation land.

  • Concession: This DOC permit allows you to undertake commercial activities such as guided walking on public conservation land. You are required to have a Pest Free Warrant for most DOC concessions for the Hauraki Gulf Islands.
  • Wharf use permit: This permit allows commercial boat operators to use DOC-managed wharves in the Hauraki Gulf. As with concessions, you are required to have a Pest Free Warrant for wharf use permits for the Hauraki Gulf Islands.

You can discuss these options with our biosecurity advisor during the PFW process.

More information about pests and how we can control them

To learn more about pest control in the Hauraki Gulf, watch the Department of Conservation's video Hauraki Gulf - Pest Control.

To find out more about the fight against marine pest exotic caulerpa, see OurAuckland.
To read about different pests, see our Pest Search.

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