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Whakamahia te Pūrere Tango Raraunga kei GeoMaps

Use the Data Extract Tool in GeoMaps

The GeoMaps Extract Tool allows you to download different datasets in a selected area.

How to download data in GeoMaps

Step 1: Enter the address in the Search and Find toolbar, or zoom in on the area of interest.

 screenshot showing the address search bar

Step 2: Click on the Extract Tool

 screenshot showing the extract tool icon

Step 3: Define the download area on the map (the maximum area you can define is 6km2).

Tool iconTool description
polygon_tool (1).pngDefine the download area by drawing a polygon
screen_extent.pngDefine the download area as what is on the screen
clear_download.pngClear your selection

Step 4: Select the layers you want to download.

screenshot of layers to download with some layers checked

Step 5: Choose your desired Coordinate System.

screenshot of coordinate system drop-down menu with New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) selected

Step 6: Choose the output format (Options change depending on what layer you have chosen).

For features:

screenshot of output format menu showing features drop-down menu with ESRI Shape selected

For images: