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Me pēhea te whakamahi Mahere ā-Whenua Ipurangi

Guides to using GeoMaps

​These guides tell you how to use the functionality and tools within GeoMaps, our GIS viewer​.

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Contact the Geospatial team the Geospatial teamFind out how to contact our Geospatial team to report issues or ask for help with GeoMaps.aspxGeomaps property information
GeoMaps known issues known issuesSee a list of the problem with GeoMaps that we know about and are working on.aspxGeomaps property information
GeoMaps supported devices and browsers supported devices and browsers​Find out which devices and browsers​ are the best to use when you are using GeoMaps.aspxGeomaps property information
Features of the GeoMaps toolbar of the GeoMaps toolbarFind out what each ​tool in the GeoMaps toolbar does.aspxGeomaps property information
Viewing metadata in GeoMaps metadata in GeoMapsHow to view metadata for selected layers in GeoMaps, and what metadata can tell you.Guideaspx
How to use Auckland Council Open Data to use Auckland Council Open DataFind detailed user information for Auckland council Open Data, our ArcGIS platform which provides public access to our geospatial datasets.aspxGeospatial open data