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Kimi wāhi mā te pūrere tohu wāhi i GeoMaps

Find locations using the Locate tool in GeoMaps

When to use the Locate tool

Use the Locate tool if you want to capture coordinates to use in other applications or to find a location, based on entered coordinates.

How to capture coordinates

Step 1: Click on the Locate Tool.

Locate Tool icon in GeoMaps.

Step 2: Navigate to the area of the map from which you want to collect a coordinate point.

Step 3: Click the Capture button.

screenshot showing capture button

Step 4: Click on the part of the map you want to record a coordinate from. A resulting coordinate will appear on the tool.

Note: You can click as many times as you want to gather different coordinates. The values will appear on the map, but only the last value clicked will appear in the coordinates box of the Locate tool.


How to locate coordinates

Step 1: Click the Locate Tool

Locate Tool icon in GeoMaps.

Step 2: Zoom to the area of the map that you want to collect a coordinate point from. You can do this by using the Search Tool, or by Panning and Zooming to your desired area of interest.

Step 3: Choose Projection and Display Coordinates (these are the coordinates that will be displayed on the map).

screenshot showing location of projection and display coordinates boxes

Note: the scale bar units will determine the units that are displayed in the scale bar.


Step 4: Enter the coordinates that you wish to find in the coordinates boxes.

Step 5: Click the Locate button. The display will zoom to the extent of the location and a label for the coordinate will show.

Step 6: Click Clear to clear all of the coordinate values on the map and in the Locate dialog box.