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Whakamahia ngā aronga ā-Mapi Tiriti ā-Kūkara i GeoMaps

Use Google Street Map views in GeoMaps

The Google Street View tool allows you to zoom to an area of interest within the map and interact with the street view capability.

How to use Google Street View in GeoMaps

Step 1: Click on the person icon.

Geomaps Google Street View person icon.

Step 2: Click on the location where you want to zoom for street view. The Google Street View panel will open at the bottom of your map.

Step 3: Search or pan and zoom to the part of the map that you are interested in seeing the street view imagery.

Screenshot of Google Street View in GeoMaps.

Step 4: To close the Google Street View tool, click on the small cross at the top right of the tool.

The imagery used in Street View is controlled by Google, not Auckland Council. Not all roads in Auckland region are yet covered by this imagery dataset.

Usage of the tool is covered by Google.

For more information, see Google Street help.