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Tohihia ngā āhua ā-mapi i GeoMaps

Identify map features in GeoMaps

Use the identify tool to find out more information about a specific feature on the map.

Identify a parcel of land

Step 1: Click on the Identify button on the map display.

GeoMaps identify button icon.

Step 2: Click on the area of the map you want to identify information (attributes).

Step 3: Results for the property layer will be displayed in the results panel. Click on the row you are interested in. If the list of attributes are longer than the results box, then scroll down or resize the widget window to view all.

Step 4: To view the parcel attributes, select the Parcel Boundaries layer from the results panel drop down box.

Screenshot of parcel attributes in the results panel of GeoMaps.

Step 5: Select the layer you want to see the results from in the results panel layer list. If you are not zoomed in very close then you will get many features listed in the result list.

Step 6: To copy/export information to word or excel, click the Export button on the results panel and follow the instructions to save the file.

Screenshot showing export button on the results panel in GeoMaps.

Step 7: To clear results from the map and the results view, click the ‘X’ button on the right of results panel.