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Rārangihia anōtia ka whakaatu ai i nga paparanga o GeoMaps

Reorder and display layers in GeoMaps

How to display and re-order layers

Display layers

Step 1: Use the Themes tool for some pre-determined layers or the Data Discovery tool to search for additional layers.

screenshot of the themes icon

Step 2: If using Data Discovery, select Add, then select the legend tab.

screenshot of the add function tool in use

Step 3: Using the drop down arrows, select the map services you want to see.

screenshot of the map services tool and the drop-down arrows

Note: 'Precincts' is grayed out - zoom the map in to make this selectable.

Layers not showing

Click on the three dots in the left-hand panel next to some map layers.

Screenshot of the drop-down menu with the three dots highlighted

This allows you to turn on transparency to provide better visibility of the other layers you have selected.

If you can't see all layers, try:

  • switching a map layer on and off
  • re-ordering layers.

Reorder layers

Step 1: Click on the three dots when you scroll the mouse over the left hand panel.

Step 2: Click and drag to re-order the layers.

screenshot of the layer with the three dots highlighted