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Whakamahia te papa whakaatu hua i GeoMaps

Use the Results panel in GeoMaps

The results tab of the Results panel is where you see the attributes of the selected features. It allows you to review specific results from your search, within a table view or attribute view.

Results in the table view

Results will appear in the table view when there are multiple features selected in the Results layer.

Screenshot of the GeoMaps results panel in table view.

Results in the attributes view

Results will appear in the attributes view if:

  • you click on the table view icon
  • only one feature is selected in the Results layer.

Screenshot of the GeoMaps results panel in attributes view.

Descriptions on results panel

Results tab: The tab of the panel which contains the results. If not in focus already, click this tab.

Results Layer: The target layer for displaying the results. Change layer to change results.

Export Data Tool: Allows you to export all the results to an excel spreadsheet.

Zoom to selected features: Allows you to zoom to the extent of the selected record.

Clear Results: Clear all the results in the results panel and map.

Attribute Names: The names of feature attribute. Click on header to sort.

Attribute Values: The value of an attribute.

Feature Count: The total number of the features selected.

Links to other related data: Links to related data (e.g. Another application).

Reports about feature: Formatted reports about a feature (e.g. Rates report).