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Costs that the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) supports

Āta tirohia ngā utu ka tautokona e te Kaupapa Hapori Oro Hanganga

Costs the CCS supports

You can apply for support for:

  • materials for arts activities or programmes
  • venue or equipment hire
  • personnel and administrative costs for short-term projects
  • promotion and publicity of arts activities.

Costs the CCS doesn't provide support for

The CCS does not support:

  • ongoing administration or personnel costs that are not related to the specific project
  • costs for projects already started or completed
  • travel costs to attend performances or exhibitions in other areas
  • the cost of any food or refreshments
  • buying equipment, such as computers, cameras, musical instruments, costumes, lights or uniforms
  • entry fees for competitions, contests and exams
  • prize money, awards and judges' fees for competitions
  • royalties
  • the purchase of artworks for collections
  • debt or interest on debt.

Our tip

You may fund costs that are a part of your project but are not supported by the CCS, with income i.e. donations, fees, ticket sales. Include such costs and income in your budget.

Contact a CCS grant advisor

Contact a CCS grant advisor to check if the costs of your project or activity are supported.