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Queens Wharf (northern end) 243Queens Wharf (northern end) Panuku Development Auckland has applied for resource consent for upgrades to Queens Wharf in order to provide for the safe berthing of cruise ships up to 362m (Oasis Class Vessels). The upgrades involve construction of two mooring dolphins located at distances of 49m and 82m (to the centres of the dolphins), to a total length of 90m, from the end of Queens Wharf into the Coastal Marine Area, a gangway connection to Queens Wharf including hydraulic retractable gangway and security gates, strengthening of the southern end of Queens Wharf, seven new additional wharf bollards on the eastern side at the southern end of Queens Wharf, and additional fender clusters on the eastern side at the north end of Queens Wharf. Overall it is a discretionary activity.Panuku Development AucklandCST603233539/09/2018 12:00:00 p.m.8/10/2018 4:00:00 a.m.C/- Daniel MinhinnickRussell McVeaghLevel 30 Vero Centre 48 Shortland Street 1010 PO Box 8 Shortland StreetAuckland

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