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34 & 36 Sandspit Road, Warkworth51634 & 36 Sandspit Road, WarkworthThe subdivision of the site and construction of 49 dwellings along with associated construction activities and servicing, and requiring the following resource consents: • Land use consent for the construction of 49 dwellings; earthworks activity over an area of 17,700m² and located within Significant Ecological Areas, and natural heritage and historic heritage overlays; vegetation alteration and removal; • Subdivision consent to create 49 residential lots, along with road to vest and for the vesting of a Local Purpose (Historic) Reserve and Local Purpose (Esplanade) Reserve. • Discharge permit for stormwater generated from the 8474.7m² of impervious area. • Water permit for groundwater diversion. Overall, the proposal is a Non-complying activity. The Kilns LimitedBUN60400973LUC60400974, DIS60400975, SUB60400976, WAT60402764 7/06/2022 12:00:00 p.m.6/07/2022 11:55:00 a.m.Burnette O’ConnorThe Planning Collective 2021 LimitedPO Box 591

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