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Puka āta taki tohutohu

Step-by-step guides

Check out these guides to find all the permits and licences you need for these types of businesses.



Start a cafe or restaurantThis guide pulls together a list of the licences you need to start a cafe or restaurant.GuideaspxFood
Start a food truckThis guide pulls together a list of the licences you need to start a food truck or coffee cart.GuideaspxFood

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Food business sites - Codes of practice business sites - Codes of practiceYour food business premises must meet certain building and structural requirements. Find out what the requirements are.aspxFood
Open a food business a food businessApply for food registration, national programmes, food control plans, food inspections, renew your food registration, change your food business.aspxFood business registration
Food stalls and fundraising stalls and fundraisingHow to apply to register a food stall.aspxFood
Running a home-based food business a home-based food businessFind out what factors you need to consider before opening a home-based food business.aspxFood
Taking over an existing food business over an existing food businessFind out what you need to do when you take over an existing food business.aspxFood
What is a food control plan? is a food control plan?Find out what a food control plan​ is.aspxFood