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Te rēhitatanga kaiwhakahaere mahi hoko kai

Food registration for event organisers

The Food Act 2014 places sole responsibility for food safety on the people who produce and sell food.

Check that food trucks and stalls at your event are registered

Commercial food truck and food stall operators need to be registered under a food control plan or a national programme.

Event organisers must ensure all of the food trucks and stalls at their event are registered.

You can request to see a copy of a food operator's notice of registration or search the public register of all registrations at Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) website .

Who can be exempt from registration

Operators selling kai at a one-off event that is held once a calendar year may be exempt from registration.

Also, if the stall's purpose is to raise funds for a specific cause, they may be eligible to sell kai up to 20 times a year without registering.

Exemption information can be found at the MPI website.

Request an inspection by food safety officers

You can request and pay for our food safety officers to inspect and monitor food operators at an event

Email your request to at least four weeks before the event.

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