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Rules for food stalls in a market

If you are an event organiser, market operator or food stall vendor, you need to understand our rules for food stalls in a market. The rules listed here are a guide.

Registration of your food stall

If your food stall was registered before 1 March 2016, you must have a certificate of registration that we issued.

This rule does not apply to food stalls:

  • registered under the Food Act 2014
  • exempt from registration under the Food Act 2014
  • selling non-perishable food
  • located within a market that is already registered
  • where the food sold has been prepared off-site in a registered food premises before sale and the stall operator either:
    • is the holder of a certificate of registration and displays a copy of that certificate at the stall
    • is operating the food stall under the authority of the holder of a certificate of registration and displays a copy of that certificate at the stall.

Food safety grade certificates

  • Clearly display food safety grade certificates issued by council in full view by all food stalls.
  • We may withdraw and remove certificates if the performance of your food stall falls below the grading standards.
  • You must apply in writing for a food safety re-grading and pay a fee. To see how, see Grading of food businesses.
  • your food stall will receive a grading after our annual inspection.

Train your staff

  • At least 50 per cent of staff employed at your food stall at any one time (including part-time workers) must pass an approved basic food hygiene course.
  • Staff must pass an approved basic food hygiene course before they start to work at your stall, or within three months of starting work at your stall.
  • Keep evidence of staff training in food hygiene at your food stall.

Further information

For detailed information, including what qualifies as a food stall, read

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