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Check if you need a permit to have a wedding or a civil union ceremony in a regional park

Regional parks where you can hold a wedding or civil union ceremony

Each park has a limit on the number of guests who may attend.

  • Ambury Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Anawhata Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Arataki Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Atiu Creek Regional Park (maximum 75 guests)
  • Awhitu Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Cascade Kauri Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Cornwallis Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Duder Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Mutukaroa-Hamlins Hill Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Huia Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Hunua Falls (maximum 100 guests)
  • Hunua Ranges (maximum 100 guests)
  • Karekare Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Long Bay Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Mahurangi Regional Park (maximum 75 guests)
  • Muriwai Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Omana Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Piha Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Pakiri Regional Parkland (maximum 50 guests)
  • Scandrett Regional Park (maximum 75 guests)
  • Shakespear Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Tapapakanga Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Tawharanui Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Tawhitokino Regional Park (maximum 25 guests)
  • Te Arai Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Te Rau Puriri Regional Park (maximum 75 guests)
  • Waharau Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Waitawa Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Wenderholm Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Whakanewha Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Whatipu Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)
  • Whakatiwai Regional Park (maximum 100 guests)
  • Waitakere Ranges Regional Park (maximum 50 guests)

If your number of guests is above the limit 

If your number of guests is above the limit for your chosen park, you will need to book a space.

You can book a space through our Find a park or beach search tool.

You should know

When you have booked a space, our park rangers will reserve the space for you. If you do not occupy this space by 9am on the day of the booking, it may be taken.

​If your event is more than just a wedding or civil union ceremony 

If you plan to hold anything other than a wedding ceremony on a regional park, you will need to apply for an event permit.

Other events may include:

  • a reception
  • a shared meal
  • fireworks
  • musical performances.

You should know

You are not permitted to use confetti on a regional park. Use bubbles as an alternative.

​Taking photos for commercial use 

If you are taking photos for commercial use, you must apply for an event permit.

Contact Screen Auckland to check if you also need a photography or filming permit.

Provide the name of the photographer when you enquire.

Taking photos for personal use does not require a permit.

Marquees, caterers, alcohol, or amplified sound devices

If you are bringing marquees, caterers, alcohol, or amplified sound device to your wedding or civil union ceremony, you have to apply for an event permit.

You should know

If your marquee is larger than 100 square metres, you will need to apply for a building consent.