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1. What you need to apply for an amusement ride permit

​Before you can operate an amusement ride, it must have a Certificate of Registration from Worksafe NZ, and a council permit.

To get a permit, your device will be inspected on site.

It must:

  • be erected on solid ground where there is no risk of sinking
  • be clear of trees, structures and other amusement rides or attractions
  • comply with all requirements set out in the Certificate of Registration
  • be at least 4m from any live overhead electricity lines.

Fencing requirements

You must make sure your amusement ride has a fence. If there are conditions around fencing in your Certificate of Registration, your ride must comply with these.

If there are no specifications, your fence must meet certain requirements, depending on whether it is temporary or permanent.

Temporary fences must:

  • define the area of operation
  • be at least 600mm high for non-sensitive and moderately sensitive rides (classes 1-3 in the Certificate of Registration), and at least 900mm high for highly sensitive rides (classes 4-5 in the Certificate of Registration)
  • be easily visible
  • be interlocking
  • not have any gaps more than 150mm (including beneath the fence).

Permanent fences must:

  • define the area of operation
  • be at least 1100mm high
  • be easily visible
  • be continuous and stable
  • not have any gaps more than 100mm (including beneath the fence)
  • stop people from being able to climb on it, like pool fencing.

Our tip

If you plan to operate an amusement ride on public land, you will need an event permit.