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1. Check if you need an event permit

You should know

If you are planning an event on a regional park, see Apply for a permit to have an event or wedding in a regional park.

If you are planning an event on a maunga (volcano), special conditions of use will apply. See Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority to find out more about events and films.

​When you will need a permit

You will need a permit if your event:

  • is for more than 150 people
  • will be on any public open space like a park, road or the water
  • is a commercial activity
  • could cause damage to public property, the environment or surrounding roads in any way
  • will involve alcohol, excessive noise, pyrotechnics or fireworks
  • will generate any form of waste
  • will put the public and their safety at risk (the event organiser must take out public liability Insurance)
  • needs power and vehicle access
  • has food stalls or vendors (including catering or food trucks)
  • will have large structures like bouncy castles, stages, marquees or signage. You may need building consent - see Other permits and licenses you may need to check.

You may also need a permit if you are holding a wedding ceremony or birthday party on a public open space. Wedding receptions must be held in a private venue.

If you are unsure whether you need a permit, email us at or call 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to an event facilitator.

You should know

You do not need an event permit for a protest. However, we recommend you let us know about your protest as soon as possible due to the potential effect on streets, footpaths, parks, public places, businesses, and council services.

To notify us of a protest, email with:

  • organiser name and phone number
  • number of expected participants
  • date, start time and finish time
  • route and/or location
  • reason for protest.

​What having an event permit means

A permit:

  • gives you permission to hold your activity on the space, alongside other users - for example, if you get a permit to hold a birthday party on a reserve, other people will still be able to use the reserve. You will not have exclusive use of the space
  • means that there aren’t any other events booked on the space on that day
  • allows you to take your vehicle onto the park.

When you should apply for your permit

Apply at least six weeks before the event to allow time for processing.

If you intend to close a road, apply at least nine weeks before the event.