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Auckland Council

1. Check if you need an event permit

You may need a permit if your event:

  • is open to the general public
  • is on a maunga (volcano) or sports park
  • is on a regional park
  • is a commercial activity
  • will be attended by more than 150 people
  • involves bouncy castles, marquees, or more than five barbecues
  • has more alcohol than just a champagne toast
  • has food stalls or vendors (including catering, spit roast, food trucks, etc.)

Getting an event permit:

  • gives you permission to hold your activity on the space, alongside other users - for example, if you get a permit to hold a birthday party on a reserve, other people will still be able to use the reserve
  • means that there aren't any other events booked on the space on that day
  • lets you apply to enter a park with your vehicle.

For permits to hold a wedding, contact one of our event facilitators to talk about what will work best.

Our tip

Apply at least six weeks before the event to allow time for processing.
​Email us at or call 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to an event facilitator if you are unsure.