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Rules for outdoor fires in residential or business areas

You cannot light outdoor fires in Auckland's urban area. This includes all residential and business land. If you are unsure if your property is urban or rural, check your address.

Provided you meet general fire safety conditions, you can use a small heating or cooking fire, such as:

  • gas or solid fuel barbecue
  • pizza oven
  • brazier
  • outdoor fireplace
  • hāngi or umu.

You cannot burn rubbish or garden waste, and there are other restrictions as well. See Pizza ovens and small heating or cooking fires.

Why we have outdoor fire rules

  • Protect people and communities from fire.
  • Protect Auckland's air quality
  • Prevent unnecessary emergency fire calls.

If a fire gets out of control

If a fire escapes or gets out of control, under new legislation we can seek cost recovery from the person responsible. Some people have been billed up to $2 million.
If you can't control it, don't light it.