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Ngā tohu mahau i ngā rohe taiwhenua

Veranda signs in rural zones

You can display signs on the fascia (the board fixed to the outside edge of a veranda) on a premises in a rural zone.

You cannot display signs under or on top of a veranda in these zones.

Veranda signs in these zones must only advertise the premises (for example, the business name) and things that you can buy or do on the premises, such as:

  • services
  • goods
  • products
  • activities
  • events.

Rules for veranda signs in rural zones

  • One sign per premises.
  • Maximum projection of 0.03m (30mm) if over a council-controlled public place like a roadway, otherwise no maximum projection.
  • Maximum sign height of 0.6m (600mm).
  • Minimum 2.7m clearance above ground level.
  • Advertising content limited to 50 per cent of the sign. The remaining 50 per cent can display the business name.

More information

You can find a full description of the rules in clause eight of the Signs Bylaw 2022.

Find the zone for your premises

You can find out the zone for your premises by searching for your address on Geomaps. Under the results tab on the left hand side of your screen, you will find your property summary including your zone.

You should know

If you want to put up a business sign in scheduled historic heritage places you will need a resource consent.

Check Geomaps to see if your address is in a historic heritage area. Under the results tab on the left hand side of your screen, you will find your property summary.

If your property is a historic heritage property or in a historic heritage area, you will see this under the heading "Overlays".

Read about historic heritage places in the Auckland Unitary Plan (PDF 232KB). This will help you determine which historic heritage rules apply to you.

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