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Camping in a vehicle

​Where you can camp in a vehicle


This local farm park lies among the southern suburbs facing the Manukau Harbour.

Take in various farm animals as you wander around the open pasture and enjoy this significant habitat for shorebirds.

Book a parking space at Ambury campground

Atiu Creek

A central location amongst farm land and close to native bush with easy access to many walks and horse riding and mountain biking tracks.

A horse holding paddock next to the campground allows riders horses to stay while they camp.

For the safety of campers, horses are not allowed in the campground.

Book a parking space at Atiu Creek parking area


Peaceful Awhitu on the southwest shores of the Manukau Harbour and offers parkland pastures, wetlands and safe, sandy beaches.

Book a parking space at Awhitu parking area


Huia is a quiet settlement by the Manukau Harbour.

It has tidal beaches, picnic spots, campsites, and a huge choice of walks.

Book a parking space at Huia Barn Paddock SCC parking area


Sullivan's Bay is an easily accessed, vehicle-based campground.

It is very popular, so book early.

It is a great location for swimming, picnics, water sports, walking, and exploring.

Book a parking space at Mahurangi parking area


Omana Regional Park provides outstanding views of the inner Hauraki Gulf.

An ideal family park with a shelly beach offering safe swimming at high tide.

Book a parking space at Omana parking area 


Stay in Te Haruhi Bay Campground and experience an open sanctuary by night with the chance to see glow worms near the waterfall.

Te Haruhi Bay Campground is a great location for swimming, picnics, water sports, walking, and exploring.

Book a parking space at Shakespear campground


An attractive coastal farm park, Tapapakanga offers an accessible, pohutukawa edged beach on the western shores of the Firth of Thames.

Book a parking space at Tapapakanga parking area


There are two campgrounds on the northern coast of Tawharanui Regional Park, giving you the chance to stay overnight in an open sanctuary and hear the call of a kiwi:

  • Tawharanui Tents Only Campground, a stand alone tent only campground with a capacity of 200 persons
  • Tawharanui All Modes Campground, an all-vehicle (up to 8m in length) campground with a capacity of 80 persons.

These are the most popular camping grounds in the regional parks network.

Book early if you are planning to stay over the summer months.

Book a parking space at Tawharanui parking area


On the eastern side of the rugged Hunua Ranges, Waharau extends from the range to the coast.

Enjoy farmland, river banks, and forest for camping, picnics, walking, and mountain biking.

Book a parking space at Waharau parking area


Campers staying in the Schischka Campground enjoy peaceful views over the Puhoi Estuary.

It is an easy walk to the park's walking tracks, beach, and main grounds and there is good access to the Puhoi River for water activities.

Book a parking space at Wenderholm parking area


This park, located on the western side of Waiheke Island, offers sheltered swimming on a long, sweeping beach with a bush clad backdrop.

There are vehicle camping and picnic sites on the foreshore.

Book a parking space at Whakanewha parking area


You can park and camp at the Whatipu Lodge campground.

This campground is managed privately.

For more information please contact 09 811 8860, or email

Book a parking space at Whatipu parking area