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Ture ā-Rohe Tiakina Kurī 2019

Dog Management Bylaw 2019

This bylaw promotes responsible dog ownership. It includes rules about where to take your dog, picking up your dog's waste and keeping more than two dogs in urban areas.

What the Dog Management Bylaw does

The bylaw implements the Auckland Council Policy on Dogs 2019.

The bylaw:

  • regulates the public places where dogs may be taken by their owner
  • requires owners to obtain a licence to keep more than two dogs in an urban area
  • requires owners to pick up after their dog when it defecates in any public place
  • enables council to make temporary changes to where you can take your dog
  • prohibits the owner of any female dog in season to take that dog into any public place
  • requires owners to neuter their dog if it not has not been kept under control on more than one occasion
  • provides a review process for owners of dogs classified as menacing due to behaviour.

Dog owners also have obligations under national legislation. To find out more about those see A guide for dog owners.

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