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Policy on Dogs

The Policy on Dogs helps us keep dogs a positive part of Auckland life by ensuring people can take their dogs to public places, minimising the problems that dogs can cause and ensuring the welfare of dogs.

Focus of the policy

  • Registration and classification: All dogs in Auckland, including dangerous and menacing dogs, are registered with the council.
  • Responsible dog ownership: Dog owners care for their dogs and control them around people to protect wildlife, other animals, property and natural habitats.
  • Dog access principles: Provide a balanced use of public places for dogs and their owners that is safe for everyone.
  • Monitoring measures of success: Provide an annual report.

Rules for walking your dogs

  • You can walk your dogs at over 2500 beaches, parks and reserves that are listed as off-leash areas (for all dogs except those classified as dangerous dogs). There is a similar number of places that are on-leash areas.
  • You must always have your dog “under control”, including by using verbal commands when off-leash. If in doubt, put your dog on a leash, even in an off-leash area.
  • Always follow the policy rules about where you can walk your dog.

Contact us if information on our webpage or on park signs is incorrect.

Find out more about where you can walk your dog

You can find the rules for individual locations, areas and times you can walk your dog on our Find where and when you can walk your dog.

You can find the full rules for places where you can walk your dog under "Dog Access Principles" and Schedules 1 and 2 of the Policy on Dogs.

Get a copy of the policy

Animal Management Annual Reports

​For all other enquiries, please phone us on 09 301 0101.

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