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Auckland Council

Policy on Dogs

Kaupapa mo nga Kurī

The Policy on Dogs helps us keep dogs a positive part of Auckland life by ensuring people can take their dogs to public places, and minimising the problems that dogs can cause.

Focus of the Policy on Dogs

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires councils to have a policy on dogs, and a dog bylaw to put the policy into effect.

The policy focuses on:

  • responsible dog ownership - what a dog owner should do as a good neighbour
  • dog welfare - what people should do to care for the well-being of dogs
  • community education - what people should know to stay safe around dogs
  • dog safe access - where dogs can be taken in public places
  • registration - the identification of the owner of every dog
  • dog safe communities - the safety and comfort of people using public places
  • bylaws, funding, monitoring - what is needed to help achieve our aims.

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