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​Whakapai Kai 2020

Food Safety Information Bylaw 2020

The Food Safety Information Bylaw 2020 enables people to make informed choices about where they purchase food and encourages food businesses to improve their food safety standards.

What the Food Safety Information Bylaw 2020 does

Under this bylaw most Auckland restaurants, cafés and takeaways need to display a food grade - specifically, food businesses which:

  • operate under a Template Food Control Plan under the Food Act 2014
  • serve the public
  • are registered and verified by the council.

Preferred locations for food grade display at food premises are clarified.

The bylaw introduces a new rule for display of food grade information on any homepage of any digital platform the food business has control over. This includes:

  • a website
  • webpage
  • social medium
  • app.

Businesses can choose to display an image of the food grade, or a statement of the food grade and a link to our online food grade search.

Get a copy of the Food Safety Information Bylaw 2020

This bylaw comes into force on 23 May 2020.

Rules about digital display of food grade information come into effect on 31 December 2020 in recognition of the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food businesses.

​You can also read the feedback from the public consultation on this bylaw.